How To Find a Home Off Market

Buying a home, but frustrated with the lack of options?

Did you know that there are 5 ways to find potential homes for sale that are NOT on the MLS?

Top Realtors know that ~15% of all the home sales in Maryland will never see the open market or MLS, they sell off market!  That's because some top buyers agents/Realtors know how to find properties before they hit the MLS. 

How we help you find off market opportunities?

Our 5 off market potential for sale:

  1. For sale by owner
  2. Previously for sale homes/properties
  3. Network with local top listing agent's for their up and comming clients
  4. For rent - "want to sell instead?" calls
  5. Buyer letter to homeowners in your ideal neighborhood

How successful is this approach?  We successfully help 3-5 buyers every year with this approach. 

If you would like to explore all of these opportunties, then simply book a "research consultation" with us so we can show you everything that is available. 

Contact us: for your buying consultation to get started with your new or existing home search.