I won't go a week without this

I won’t go a week without this:

 My Routine

✓ My morning stretch

✓ A daily 15 minute snuggle with my dog

✓ A walk after dinner

✓ My go-to lunch: Egg salad or Chicken Salad

✓ Time with my girls

✓ A walk in nature at least once a week.

 My Vices

✓ A little sweet treat - Simple Mills Honey Cinnamon Crackers are amazing!

✓ A drive with the Jeep Top OPEN blaring my favorite tunes

 ✓ A Taylor Swift Playlist or heavy 80s metal

✓ Cheese - The stinkier the better

✓ A smoothie from Tropical Smoothie Cafe

 My Business Tools

✓ Quickbooks - how did I exist without it?

✓ My Virtual Assistant - Annie

✓ Sierra Interactive for client management

✓ Compass Tools and Marketing

✓ DotLoop - gotta prep those contracts!

✓ My phone


What’s one thing you won’t go a week without?

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