3 Things You Should Consider When Moving to a New City: With Essig Team Agent Cydney Actie

Hey Everyone! It's Cydney!

Today we are going to talk about 3 things I think you should consider when moving too a new city!

1. Commute: Do you have to be in person/in office/ in a physical location for your job everyday? How long do you want be in the car commuting everyday? Lets be real... It can really affect your work life balance if you are driving long distances too and from work. This is a major component to consider when selecting a new place to live.

2 Hobbies and Interest: Does your new place or state have what you are interested in? For example, do you want to be by restaurants? Do you need to be by your nearest athletic club? Is hiking or green space important to you? Do you want the location to be walkable? These are all things that are important to consider when finding the perfect place for you to live. After all, your home is yours... it should include the things you enjoy to do!

3. Urban or Suburban Living: Do you want to be near the hustle and bustle of a city and be close to lots of things to do? Or do you want some space away from neighbors? This determines how close you want to be to a city and what sort of neighborhood you are looking for!

Reach out today if you are interested in buying or selling a home. The Essig Team of Compass wants to help you find you dream home! Lets Connect.

                                                                           --Cydney Actie (Essig Team Agent)

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